Visit Stingray City Right After You Get Off The Cruise Ship

The descriptions online of Stingray City sound very inviting. When you have the stingrays getting up close and personal with you and others in your group, you know you’re visiting a special place. There are plenty of locations for snorkeling and catching glimpses of stingrays, but you are challenged to find one that matches Stingray City. It’s not going to happen.
There are different bookings available for this attraction, and there aren’t specific times for some of the tours that are available. If that doesn’t sound good when planning your itinerary, then you’re going to want to know that they handle it this way only because you get to pick the time. If you call up a tour company to make reservations, all you have to do is tell them what time is good for you. How convenient is that?
The prices can vary, but there are adult ticket prices and also prices for children. You get to go on a really cool tour for a few hours, but of course you’re not snorkeling for that whole time. The snorkeling time is going to be about 45 minutes. Can you imagine what else you will do and see? There are starfish tours available, too.
Are you planning a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands? The stingray adventure should be one of your stops, and you tour isn’t going go to make you late for the departure of your cruise ship. You’ll be just fine, and by the way, you don’t have to worry about the snorkeling equipment. You’ll be given everything you need to enjoy your adventure. You don’t have to call for a reservation as you can make one online, but of course people like talking to a live person for confirmation. These tour companies make it easy on you to enjoy the stingray adventure because they show up where you get off the cruise ship to take you there. Enjoy!

Planning A Beautiful Vacation In Grand Cayman

Are you looking to plan something extra special and memorable for your next vacation? When it is time to get away and you really want something fabulous and tropical, it may be best if you look into your options in a wonderful vacation in Grand Cayman. Whether you are going to be visiting with friends, family or a special someone, this is a region that has something to see and do for everyone on any kind of budget. It is all about proper planning and setting your sights on the best of the best that this tropical oasis has to offer.
What Is Grand Cayman?
Out of the three islands that are known to make up the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman happens to be the largest as well as the one that is known. As a matter of fact, this destination is home to a variety of attractions, to include the underwater Grand Canyon, Mastic Trail and Seven Mile Beach. With such a wide range of things to see and activities to take part in, it is no wonder why there are so many visitors that like to make plans for their next adventure in Grand Cayman.
Despite the small size of the island, measuring in at about 8 miles wide and 22 miles long, there is never a feeling as though you are too cramped or crowded. As far as accommodations, there are a number of stunning resorts and quaint towns with beach access that are just right for setting up camp for the length of your stay. Just be sure that you make plans to stop by and see Stingray City when you vacation in Grand Cayman, as this is one excursion that will bring about a wealth of memories.
It goes without saying that there are very few places that compare to a vacation in Grand Cayman, so the time to start planning is right now!

Fun Things To Do Cayman

Fun things to do Cayman Island is a promotion that is often used by various websites that provide fun holidays to various destinations around the world. These websites offer their customers either an all inclusive vacation or a vacation where the customer chooses hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. Many of these websites often have special promotions such as the fun things to do Cayman Island promotion.
The only problem with many of these promotions is that the expire at a certain time. Therefore, if you are interested in any of the great promotions to the Cayman Islands then you should make a decision as soon as you can before time expires. Choosing the Cayman Islands as your vacation destination is a great idea for the entire family. There are many enjoyable and memorable things to do on this beautiful Caribbean island.

For example, you can choose from some of the many water sports such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, jet skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, or simply a cool swim in the turquoise blue Caribbean waters. Many of these aquatic adventures can be shared by people of all ages including both young and old. Therefore, a trip to the Cayman Islands is the complete family vacation.
You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a vacation to this beautiful island can be. Also, there are many choices for people to make when it comes to exotic island getaways but one of the advantages to choosing the Cayman Islands is that it offers a safe environment. There is virtually no crime or violence in the Cayman Islands  and it is not classified as a Third World country but as a modern up-to-date style of country.  So what are you waiting for? Phone your local travel agent and book an exciting vacation to the Cayman Islands before the promotion expires.

Facts To Remember When Snorkeling With Stingrays In The Caribbean

It is generally only the brave individuals who opt to snorkel on holiday, but if you choose to snorkel with stingrays you must be even braver or out of your mind.  Stingrays have always received bad press and many people choose to avoid these sea creatures.  The fact of the matter is, although you do need to work up courage to snorkel with stingrays, they are not as bad as one may image and if you really think about it snorkeling with all animals could be dangerous.  This article will provide facts to remember if you decide to snorkel with stingrays. You can remember this advice when you visit Stingray City on your cruise!
 Snorkeling in the Caribbean
1. Stingrays Will Not Sting Unnecessarily
Generally, a stingray will not attack an individual unless prompted so if you shuffle your feet when walking out of the water it is likely that it will swim away.  In most cases the only reason the stingray stings a human is because the individual accidentally stood on the ‘ray.  Should you be stung, and this is unlikely, you will experience some pain with swelling and muscle cramps; however, you will recover and it is not permanent.
2. Stingrays Can Be Tame
Despite having the potential to be dangerous and cause injury, the stingray can be quite tame.  In controlled environments, such as the Cayman Islands, the stingrays are tame enough to eat directly from your hands and may even swim from person to person searching for food.  This can be exciting and a one-of-a-kind experience.
3. Snorkeling With Stingrays Is Popular
Due to the fact that snorkeling with stingrays is a popular tourist attraction, the shores can become crowded rather quickly.  To ensure you have the opportunity to spend time with these fascinating creatures, it is recommended that you schedule your visit outside of the peak holiday season or arrive on the shores early.

Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Island Is A Must See

My husband and I were looking at different vacation options for vacation this year. We are usually on top of things and know where we will be traveling to or at least have an idea of where we want to go. This year, we weren’t sure where we wanted to go and started looking around for interesting places to visit.
We found several places that we wanted to go to. One of the places we were really interested in traveling to was the Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Islands. We had never traveled anywhere that had an attraction like this. We saw that we could take kayak trips at night on this bay. After comparing a few different vacation options we decided we would travel to the Cayman Islands.

We got our trip set up and paid for and started making arrangements in advance for a tour of the Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Islands. It was easy to set up a kayak tour online and pay in advance for it.
We were so excited to go on our trip to the Cayman Islands because neither one of us had ever been there, nor had we ever been to a glowing bay. The day of our trip finally arrived and we were so anxious to go.
We arrived and the first night took our kayak tour of the bay. What a magnificent and unique experience it was. We learned what causes the bay to glow and got to see it firsthand. It was an amazing experience. If you are traveling and aren’t sure where to go, the Cayman Islands offers a unique experience all around. While traveling there you must see the Bioluminescent Bay that is there. Make sure to set up your kayak tour before you get there because they fill up quickly.