Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Island Is A Must See

My husband and I were looking at different vacation options for vacation this year. We are usually on top of things and know where we will be traveling to or at least have an idea of where we want to go. This year, we weren’t sure where we wanted to go and started looking around for interesting places to visit.
We found several places that we wanted to go to. One of the places we were really interested in traveling to was the Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Islands. We had never traveled anywhere that had an attraction like this. We saw that we could take kayak trips at night on this bay. After comparing a few different vacation options we decided we would travel to the Cayman Islands.

We got our trip set up and paid for and started making arrangements in advance for a tour of the Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Islands. It was easy to set up a kayak tour online and pay in advance for it.
We were so excited to go on our trip to the Cayman Islands because neither one of us had ever been there, nor had we ever been to a glowing bay. The day of our trip finally arrived and we were so anxious to go.
We arrived and the first night took our kayak tour of the bay. What a magnificent and unique experience it was. We learned what causes the bay to glow and got to see it firsthand. It was an amazing experience. If you are traveling and aren’t sure where to go, the Cayman Islands offers a unique experience all around. While traveling there you must see the Bioluminescent Bay that is there. Make sure to set up your kayak tour before you get there because they fill up quickly.