How To Eat Sushi Like A Japanese Person

Many think that slices of ginger should be placed in sauce or on sushi. This is wrong because actually the ginger slices are eaten alone without being mixed with others. Indeed, after sushi is swallowed, ginger is then eaten to neutralize the taste of sushi before, before switching to another type of sushi. Aside from that, visit the Atlanta Magazine website if you want to know more about Linton’s Brush Sushi Izakaya.

In addition, often when we dip sushi into the sauce, what happens is that the sushi becomes scattered and falls apart on the sauce plate. This happens because of the wrong technique. The truth according to chef Naomichi Yasuda is when taking sushi, turn the sushi over so that the meat part is below and the rice is above.

Finally, how do you eat wasabi properly? Is it dipped in sauce and then stirred, or just put it slightly on the top of the sushi? Presented by Master Koji, a sushi expert, the tradition of eating sushi that does not know wasabi is eaten at once but is separate. That is why wasabi is only placed on a plate according to order because the portion has been adjusted.

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