Small amounts ofdesserts and pasta, big amounts of fresh vegetables, and fruits and I would say I did pretty well as I walked out of the Sweet Tomato Restaurant. Whenever I make a visit to Sweet Tomatoes I make sure I go during the Lunch hours. Lunch hours are great one because Sweet Tomato Lunch Prices are only $9.49 for adults. Visit MenuPricesGenie to get prices for all days and including weekdays and weekends. After having a big plate of fresh olives, Zucchini, carrots, beats, green peppers, almonds, tuna, freshly dice tomatoes and red onions, I thought it was time to try one of Sweet Tomatoes most famous tossed salads that are prepared by experienced chefs that blend different flavors together to perfection. Caesar Asiago is one my favorite tossed salads from Sweet Tomatoes. Freshe Iceberg salad is infused with freshly cut tomatoes and olives and the Caesar salad gives it the finishing touch. You can get sweet desserts by choosing the appropriate varieties. The sweetest are the chocolate brownie and the blueberry muffin. Sugar, vitamins and antioxidants and I was already feeling pretty good. Their taste is the most varieddessert, very sweet (like candy), and can resemble the taste of raspberries, blueberries. For the most part, the varieties of cherry group, distinguished by mediumsized sweet fruits, are tastier than all the others.

Wonton Happiness

Wonton Happiness is another one of the best salads I have tried at Sweet tomatoes. You will find this at the Tossed Salad section. Even though, I am not a huge fan of Wontons, but this is the first time that I had truly enjoyed it. It is mixed with baby carrots, vinegar and spinach. The first spoon full and I was in Wonton heaven.

My final take from Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant is that I would not only go there again but I would go there at least twice a week. Just the Tossed Salad bar itself makes the money worth visiting this restaurant. I usually always end with dessert which to me just is an added bonus to the value you already receive from visiting just their Salad bar isles. If I am getting Affordability and healthy choices both at the same place than chances are that I will not only be visiting again but would be visiting this gem of a restaurant again very soon.

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