The Operation Principle Of Hydromassage Shower Panels

The hydromassage panel is a flat, oval module that is attached to the wall in a vertical position. The main operating device of this device is jet hydromassage (openings coming out of the water jet). The number of holes and their location in different models can vary. The quality and sensation of massage depending on the hydromassage shower panel itself.

Usually, on the hydromassage panel, there are 3 to 8 holes arranged in several rows that correspond to different body parts. Neck zone according to the top row, backward – to the middle, and to the buttocks – down. Some models are equipped with a rotary nozzle that can change the direction of water jets, giving a sensation of waves of body washing during the massage.

Modern bathrooms have long ceased to be a place of personal cleanliness, because here we not only wash our bodies, but also relax, enjoy water treatment, or just stay alone with ourselves and gather thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to choose toiletries with special responsibility to ensure maximum comfort, especially if you do not have a shower cabin.

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