These Are Some Important Menus In Macbooks You Need to Know

Some people who have just used MacBook are confused if they use it. So, there are many people who make mistakes when using the Macbook. in fact, there are some people who accidentally damaged their Macbook. You can use theĀ macbook repair prices to deal with damage to your Macbook.

If you have just used a MacBook, then you must know some of these important menus.

1. Menu bar
The menu bar is an important part of the operating system that shows the active application. There are several other options on this menu bar.

2. Menu Bar icon
This menu bar icon is similar to “tray” on the Windows operating system. Many developers also offer several application options to use this menu bar.

3. Dock
This feature is where the application is being used. Various programs that are running will go into the Dock.

You must know some of these important parts so that you can use the Macbook optimally.

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