You Must Do These Things After You Polish Your Car

The use of cars that are too often certainly has an impact on the quality of the vehicle’s paint. There are also several factors that cause the quality of the paint of the vehicle begins to decline, can be caused by weather, the friction of objects and others. After you polish the car, there are a number of things you need to do so that the effect can last long. besides, there are some taboos that you need to avoid after polishing the car so that your car remains shiny and durable. If you often drive your car but you want to keep it functions well, you must choose automobile detailing orlando. Car maintenance and treatment must be done in the right way.

First, after you polish the body of the car there are several things that must be done so that the effect can be long-lasting, namely not to wash the car. For two days as much as possible do not wash, let alone use shampoo if exposed to rain just use microfiber.

Second, if you wipe the body of the car, you should use a microfiber to avoid fine berets. In addition to rain, you also need to avoid the chamois type of cloth because it can cause scratches on the car. For recommendations, you should use a microfiber because it is more effective in reducing swirl marks.

Third, you may not close the car using a car holster. because for two days after polishing it is still a drying process. Besides not washing it, don’t cover it with a sarong too, if you put it outside, please, but how good it is to park in the garage.

Fourth, after three days or the layer on the body of the car has dried up, your car can be washed. Three day after you polish your car, the polish layer dries completely. The cleaning the layer should be washed using a special shampoo.

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