You Should Know The Difference Between AC and DC Electric Current

Electricity is a basic requirement for everyone. There is almost no activity released from electricity, starting from turning on lights, televisions, computers, even recharging a smartphone also requires electric power. Energy channeled through the conductor is a cable, the electric charge that flows from a positive channel to a negative channel will produce an electric current. Electricity itself is divided into two types, namely AC and DC electricity. In this article, we will provide a discussion of the differences in AC and DC electricity, and which is better. Additionally, if you want to repair your electrical installation, just call the most trusted electrical solutions.

AC Electric Current

Also known as an Alternating Current, is a large amount of electricity and the direction of the current is constantly changing and alternating. AC electric current is safe to move energy in large distances in large quantities. The cause of the flow of electrons is a magnet that rotates along the wire.

In some countries, AC electricity is maintained under the auspices of the National Electric Company. The standard voltage applied in some countries for AC 1 (one) phase is 220 volts with a frequency of 50Hz. This voltage and frequency are found in your home unless you don’t subscribe to the national electricity company. The power factor in the AC current must be between 0 and one.

This AC current can be obtained from alternating current generators. As a safeguard of AC electricity that is in your home, usually, the national electricity company uses a barrier as well as a security that is MCB (miniature circuit breaker).

DC Electric Current

Also known as Direct Current, is a direct current of electricity. DC (direct current) electricity is usually used by electronic devices. For example, laptops, LED lights, computers, laptops, TVs, radios, and much more. If the power factor in the AC current must be between 0 and 1 (one), then the DC current power factor must always be 1 (one). And this DC current can be obtained from a cell or battery.

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