You Use Watches on the Right or Left?

People who wear bulova men’s watches on their left hand go out or face up. Easy going, indifferent, time-conscious and not too perfectionist are typical of the users of the watch on the left hand facing up. Generally, users of this watch are practical and simple and are very happy to work with their hands. Who?

If you wear a watch on the left hand in or facing down. Responsibility, but it is typical of people who are easily offended, although not disclosed. The user of the watch in the left hand is pointing down and doesn’t really like a lot of changes. His thoughts are fast and logical, although sometimes not simple. You?

People who use the clock in their right-hand face up tend to be spontaneous and what they are. High spirited and cheerful too. They are sociable and easy to get along with, are you really not? Apparently, people who like to wear watches are loosened. They are very open people and have many friends, even though they tend to be lazy.

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